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Free Viewing/Lecture Series

Thursdays from the U

Thursdays from the U lecture series will run throughout the spring and fall semesters. The series, partly funded by the UW-Barron County Foundation, will explore topics in the arts, sciences, public affairs, literary fields and cultural areas. While hosting a variety of speakers, the university does not seek to endorse or promote a particular idea, opinion, topic or product over others. These lectures are free and open to the public.

Who are the Amish?Our fall 2020 lecture series will be presented virtually, from 12:30-1:30 p.m., meaning you can watch presentations safely from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are!

Thursday at the U helpful viewing FAQ's


For best results, do NOT use IE (Internet Explorer) or EDGE as your browser for viewing Thursdays from the U presentations.


Thursday from the U, Fall 2020 Schedule: Click on the link behind the presenter name to see the presentation!

Sept. 3                  Wanda McFaggan – History of the St. Croix Ojibwe in NW Wisconsin

Sept. 10                Jenna Green –  The New Cigarette: Vaping, E-Cigarettes & Juuls

Sept. 17                Brian Wright – Bail vs. No Bail: A Middle Ground (presentation) Wright pdf (powerpoint)

Sept. 24                Donald Siniff - The Antarctic and its Seals

Oct. 1                    David Lovelace - North America's Oldest Winged Dinosaur: The Evolution of Avian Flight                                                                     

Oct. 8                    Mark Louden – Who are the Amish?

Oct. 15                  Hella Buchheim – Raised in the Shadow of the Holocaust

Oct. 22                  Billy Molls – Alaska Hunting Adventures

Oct. 29                  Sarah Stonich – It's Complicated: Writing the Places We're From

Nov. 5                   George Kraft – Wisconsin Groundwater:  Can We Manage It Sustainably?

Nov. 12                 Kevin McMullin – Into the Black Sea:  Stories of Darkness and Light

Nov. 19                 Heather Moody – What Do You Know About Your Neighbors? Recognizing the Native Land and People in Your Community

Dec. 3                   Joshua Morey – Poverty in the Rice Lake School District

Dec. 10                 Jessica Wofford – And the Horse He Rode In On:  Spectacle, Storytelling, and Professional Wrestling



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