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Free Viewing/Lecture Series

Thursdays @ the U

Our Thursdays at the U lecture series includes a wonderful lineup starting this September 2021! This series, partly funded by the UW-Barron County Foundation, will explore topics in the arts, sciences, public affairs, literary fields and cultural areas. While hosting a variety of speakers, the university does not seek to endorse or promote a particular idea, opinion, topic or product over others. These lectures are free and open to the public.

You are invited to attend each session with us at UW-Eau Claire–Barron County in our Blue Hills Lecture Hall R234. Check out this lineup! 

To read about each session, please visit our Campus Event Calendar

September 2nd     Barn Quilts of Wisconsin, Mary and Michael Kolstad

September 9th      Barron County Restorative Justice Programs, Monika Audette and Mary Hoeft

September 16th    What Are Counties?, Jeff French

September 23rd    Primates Inc. - Helping Monkeys in Need, Amy Kerwin

September 30th     A Caregiver's Experience with Dementia, Jim Adams

October 7th           Toward a Sustainable Economy, Jack Reardon

October 14th         Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives, Renee Gralewicz

October 21st          100 Years of Women's Suffrage, Anne Marie McClellan

October 28th          Fungal Diversity in the Northwoods, Tavis Lynch

November 4th         CAFO Dairy Farm - A Good Neighbor?, Tyler Gruetzmacher & Jim Kusilek

November 11th       The Unsung Heroes of Nature, Emily Stone

November 18th       Poetry: Assuming a Persona, Christy Potvin

December 2nd        Microplastics in Northern Lakes, How Big a Problem?, Todd Wellnitz

December 9th         Life on Ice: Arctic Expeditions, Lonnie Dupre

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