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Student Government

Gain governmental experience

All students are members of SGA, the official organized voice of the student population. All officers and senators are students who are elected by the student body. SGA actively promotes students’ interests, organizes student activities and manages student funds. Members of the SGA and other students also act as student representatives on the following campus committees: Steering Committee, Search/Appointments, Curriculum, Academic Actions, Collegium, Technology, Day Care and SLIC (Student Life and Interest Committee).

SGA is a member of the UW System Association of Branch Campuses (ABC-formerly known as Student Governance Council), which is the voice of the students of all 13 UW Colleges campuses. SGC conducts meetings and leadership workshops throughout the year. Each campus is allowed to send representatives to these meetings to vote on a variety of issues. Gary Wheeler (Solution Center) is the SGA Advisor.

The SGA is also a member of the United Council (UC) which is the voice for all the students of member UW campuses in the state. UC also conducts meetings and workshops throughout the year that are open to students.

Contact the Student Government Association if you would like to get a new campus group officially recognized. You can do this by talking to a SGA representative, visiting their office in Room 150 Meggers Hall, by contacting them at (715) 788-6211, or by email at

Advisor: Gary Wheeler 

SGA - Bylaws         SGA - Constitution

2019-20 SGA Officers & Senators


President: Miranda Ricci
Vice-President: Tyerra Naylor
Secretary: Timothy Smith
Treasurer: Nathan Wester
Media Relations Director: Dylan Harka

Sophomore Senators

Wyatt Hendryx
Emily Flatten
Marjorie Summer
Tessa Ness

Freshman Senators

Mary Preddy
Kyle Hanke
Sarah DeYarman
Cody Halverson

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